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World Conference in Online Learning - Opening Plenary

Opening Plenary
Laura Czerniewicz
Changing Pedagogies Two short stories about pedagogy:

1. There have been protests recently in South African universities. Interestingly, some of these have been about pedagogy. They demanded, among other things, that all lectures should be recorded, and that a tutoring system should be put in place in all courses.

2. A formal course in the engineering faculty, where the standard pedagogy has shifted from one-to-many to a collaborative teaching style, even to the point where students are taken to the actual places where the teaching is applied, and practitioners in the community are taking part in the teaching. So the teachers are not the only authorities.

Pedagogy happens at the activity and course level, but changes in pedagogy ripple across the system. Changes in pedagogy impact practices, and change culture and relationships, and lead to profound changes in universities themselves. Changes include distance, diversity, inclusion of new participants.…

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